The main focus

Pushing the limits of your swimming performance through training, recovery and nutritional strategies, this camp is suitable for those keen to maximise their potential in swimming.

Date and place

22nd-30th of August 2020
Púchov Sports Complex, Slovakia

Provisional camp programme

  • Optimising nutritional strategies for training and competition, focusing on both theory and practical applications
  • Technical analysis of your strokes with provision of practical solutions to improve your technical proficiency
  • Optimising your training to reduce short-term and long-term injury risk through a theoretical and practical perspective
  • Optimising your sprint and/or endurance performance through application of training principles in pool and land training (e.g. planning for the season, design of the training sets)
  • Discussion of recovery methods (cold water therapy)
  • Optimising your performance through a multi-focused approach
  • Sleep biohacking

The price

Total payment for the stay includes

  • Accommodation in a room with standard equipment (WC, shower, satellite TV, balcony)
  • All-day dining: buffet breakfast, served lunch, served dinner
  • Use of fitness centre and wellness centre (daily for 2 hours)
  • Congress room with technical equipment (capacity 100 people)
  • Free parking on site
  • Free WiFi internet access throughout the building
  • Multifunctional pitch 1 hour a day
  • Use of the indoor hall sTC Arena 1 hour a day
  • Covered terrace with an open kitchen for 2-hour practical courses
  • Local tax

Participating athlete

The whole camp 632, – €. Price includes whole package of services, 8 days accommodation all meals included.

Others – coach, parent, sport. expert, non-training athlete

The whole camp 530, – €. Price includes whole package of services except for practical training, 8 days of accommodation all meals included.

One day without accommodation and practical training 120, – € ; with accommodation 180, – €.

Additional day without accommodation and practical training 80, – € with accommodation 140, – €.

Extra charge for an athlete using the swimming pool with participation of selected days 20, – € / day.


Coach of a paying athlete for the whole camp is entitled to a 20% discount on the total price of the stay. A coach who registers 15 or more paying athletes has the whole camp stay free of charge.


Swimming pool 25 m,: maximum training capacity for one pool cycle of the whole camp (2 x 2 hours / day): 30 swimmers. Total capacity (3 pool cycles): 90 swimmers

The team

  • Alexander Vajda
  • Eva Piatriková
  • Inna Koucka
  • Libor Mattuš
  • Veronika Jelínková
  • Katarína Smatanová

Additional programme

For groups with more than 15 paying athletes it is possible to arrange an individual additional program as required. There are various sports, relaxation, boat, fishing and weather depending use of an outdoor 50 m pool.

Demonstration of possible complementary activities here.

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